SanDisk's Connect Wireless Drive Jumps to 200GB Capacity


SanDisk is a name that many will be familiar with, not only because they're some of the better microSD cards to purchase for your Android phone or tablet, but because they're a firm looking to try new things, too. Last year, the company introduced the SanDisk Connect Wireless, a stick that looked like an old school memory stick or wireless adapter for your computer. It was actually a wireless hard drive of sorts, and a pretty impressive portable option at that. That sounds a little strange, but considering leading phones like the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5 line, along with many others, don't have support for expandable storage this fills the gap while serving more than one device.

We took an extensive look at the SanDisk Connect Wireless last year, and during CES 2016 it's being bumped in capacity to a massive 200GB. That's not too far off of the 256GB SSD capacity in most Ultrabooks and it joins the 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB options that were previously available. To cut a long story short, the SanDisk Connect Wireless can be shared across three separate devices, with an app from SanDisk that acts as a file manager. The battery life lasts from around four-to-six hours, which isn't great but looking at the size of the thing it's easy to forgive SanDisk here. At $120, it's a bit more expensive than the 128GB option which currently sells for $80, but if you need and want more space no matter where you're headed, then this is a decent option.


Wireless drives like these aren't new, and there are much larger capacities available should you need them, but then we get into the realms of fairly chunky, traditional HDD drives in portable casings. Regardless of which you end up going for, if you're in need of such storage that is, there are plenty of good options out there now. With USB Type-C creeping into ever more smartphones as well, a wireless option might be a good way to go to ensure compatibly with well, practically anything.

SanDisk Connect Wireless 200GB

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