Samsung's "the humanfit" Selling Smart Clothes, Belts & More


Samsung's always been one of the top companies to look to for off-the-wall innovations. Folding smartphones? Check. Refrigerators featuring gigantic touchscreens? Check. Mind you, not all of their products make it off the shores of their homeland of Korea. Many of those products are sold under Samsung's separate wearable brand known as "the humanfit". For a product to not take off internationally, it has to be pretty tailor-made for Korean markets, fairly out there or both. Feel free to judge for yourself with some of the humanfit's offerings, most of which made a showing at CES and thus may or may not be making a showing on a store shelf near you in the near future.

For starters, we have a smart belt called Welt that seems to perform the same functions as a fitness tracker. On that note, there's also Body Compass, workout clothes that track your every move, from breathing to muscle contractions. For all you golfers out there, the Smart Swing polo can track your swing perfectly, giving you a guide on what you're getting right and what's hurting your game. An NFC equipped Smart Wallet is also here, of course. Speaking of NFC, how about a multi-mode, programmable NFC tag disguised as an unassuming button? Or how about a Smart Suit chock full of 'em, packing style and sophistication to rival the likes of Armani? Rounding things out for what was seen on the CES show floor, we have the SOLBAG, a solar-powered purse that charges gadgets placed inside it.


In the future that Samsung is helping to create, it seems like just about everything will be made smart in some way. The applications from business to fitness and everything in between are simply staggering, given the right adoption rate for current and pending tech. These wearables in particular could power huge evolution in athletics, business and the medical field, among some others. Should development and adoption continue at their current rate, the day that somebody walks into a meeting room to swap contact info via NFC and give a presentation via VR likely aren't far off.

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