Samsung to Kick Off Galaxy S7 Launch With Upgrade Plan?


As Mobile World Congress looms over the horizon, it's unsurprising that this week has seen a number of mentions and rumors surrounding the Galaxy S7 this week. An announcement come Sunday the 21st of next month is most likely, working off of how they announced their previous two Galaxy S flagships, and a launch starting the second week of March is rumored. That sounds great, but as is so often the case, how are potential customers going to afford this new device, especially if they want to upgrade from last year's option? With 24-month contracts still very much a thing for devices like the Galaxy S line of devices, there's a good chance that the majority of potential Galaxy S7 buyers are coming from the Galaxy S5. Samsung might be ready to offer a remedy for this predicament starting this year.

According to a scant report from Reuters, Samsung could be planning to launch an upgrade plan alongside the Galaxy S7 later this year, to make it easier for users to upgrade to the latest and greatest devices out there. The news comes out of South Korea itself, and it appears as though when the Galaxy S7 launches in South Korea, which could be around the second week of March, the company could offer some sort of upgrade plan to go with it. How exactly this sort of program would work is unclear, but something similar to a monthly payment instalment plan would be the way to go, and users might be able to trade in their devices once a year as well, making it easier to keep up with the pace that these new devices keep on launching at.


No matter what happens during the launch of the Galaxy S7, we can be sure that all eyes will be on the South Korean giant, as the industry expects them to the build on the success of the Galaxy S6, and bring new features to the table. So far, rumors are pointing to an improved version of last year's flagship, but they could have some more surprises up their sleeves. Either way, we'll be there when Samsung lets the cat out of the bag.

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