Samsung Rolling Out January Security Update For Major Devices


Security has certainly become big business in the last year or two. While, the notion of security has always been at the forefront of consumers minds in general, thanks to the number of hacks, breaches and otherwise, that have occurred of late, it has recently become much more of a hot topic and thereby, much more of concern for manufacturers, carriers and consumers alike. This is largely why a select few companies, Google included, announced that they would start pushing out more regular updates to their main devices. Updates which were security focused and scheduled to arrive on a monthly basis, thereby, keeping devices protected from even the more recent vulnerabilities which come through.

With January almost coming to a close, it would be expected that all those involved would have pushed out their updates by now or are in the middle of doing so. If you are a Samsung device owner and wondering where your security update is, then it looks like it is now officially on its way to your device. The company has today confirmed on their support site that the January security update is now rolling out to devices. However, in terms of specific devices, that information is currently not available as Samsung have only listed the general "major flagship models" tag to define which devices will receive the update. As such, it is largely expected that this will be the bulk of the 2015 major devices and maybe some select 2014 major flagship models as well.


As this is only a security update, there won't be much on offer for the end user to note. This is designed to be a security fixing exercise and as the announcement details, the update includes the security patches that were released by Google earlier in the month and also those which are more specifically targeted towards Samsung devices. As such, if you own a Samsung device and see an update arriving soon enough, then this will be your monthly security update. Those interested in finding out more, can head through the source link below and read the full announcement from Samsung.

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