Samsung Pay Expansion To Include Australia, Brazil & Singapore

Samsung Pay CES AH 2

Today has already seen a number of big press events taking place during CES and from some of the big-name manufacturers like LG and Qualcomm. Most recently it has been the turn of Samsung as their press event has now taken place and come to an end. As to be expected, this was always going to be one of the highlight events of the show with many tuning in to see what the South Korean tech giant would announce next. In terms of those announcements, Samsung did highlight the introduction of their new Family Hub which looks to offer a way for families to interact through a display which comes equipped on some of Samsung’s new fridges. In addition, Samsung also announced the launch of a couple of new color variants of the Gear S2 smartwatch. The first being a new Rose Gold variant, while the second is more of a Platinum-based option. Both had recently being rumored in the run up to CES and were expected to be announced at the event.

However, that was not all that Samsung announced during the event as there was also a mention of Samsung Pay. There is little arguing with the success of Samsung’s mobile payment solution as Samsung Pay is quickly becoming regarded as one of the winner forms of mobile payments, due to its ability to be used at far more terminals than what other NFC-only solutions currently rely on. As such, Samsung took today’s opportunity to announce a widening of Samsung Pay’s worldwide footprint.


In particular, Samsung today confirmed that Samsung Pay will be coming to more countries in the near future. Those listed as due to see the service arrive include Australia, Brazil and Singapore. Firm dates on when the payment solution will arrive in these countries was not provided by Samsung, but they did confirm these countries would see the solution arrive this year, along with the already confirmed extended roll out to China, Spain and the UK. For those wondering, there was no announcement in regards to a widening of the service to other mobile devices, Samsung or otherwise and only the announcing of the expansion to the countries.