Samsung Introduces New Wireless Sound Systems at CES 2016

January 4, 2016 - Written By Tom Dawson

Samsung is known for a lot of things in the Consumer Electronics world, and considering CES 2016 is all about Consumer Electronics, it’s no surprise to see the Korean giant introducing something outside of smartphones this week. A soundbar is something that a lot of us use every day to get a little more audio out of our TV sets or to enjoy music without the need of a full HiFi or speaker system. Samsung is clearly aware that wireless systems, like those from Sonos and now coming from their arch-rivals LG, are what consumers are looking for these days. As such, CES 2016 sees the introduction of a new soundbar system capable of wireless connection as well as delivering room-filling sound on its own.

The new product is imaginatively named the HD-K950 and features three forward-firing speakers and two upwards-firing speakers despite being just 2.1-inches high. This is just the soundbar alone however, as the HD-K950 is a package and will also include two Dolby Atmos rear speakers that connect to the soundbar wirelessly. There’s also new wireless speakers from Samsung as well, as part of their Wireless Audio 360 series, Samsung is also introducing the new R5 speaker set as well as some new colors for existing devices. With a Multiroom app on compatible smartphones, this is Samsung taking on Sonos and LG’s more recent Music Flow system. The  Wireless Audio 360 series of speakers features a proprietary ring radiator system which helps filly a room using a 360-degree sound wave from the base of the speaker.

For Samsung fans, they’ll be happy to know that they can control the music and volume, as well as tweak settings from their Gear S or Gear S2. On top of that, the new R5 wireless speaker has already been recognised as an Honoree in the CES 2016 Innovation Awards. We’re sure that Samsung will have a lot more to show off later on this week as things at CES 2016 really start to get underway, but until then we’ll leave you with this news that Samsung remembers how to make good speakers.