Rumor: Microsoft Looking to Bring Surface Phone to Market?


Microsoft might have been known as the company willing to provide partners with Windows to put on computers and laptops all around the world, but they went their own route when it came to tablets. Sure, the likes of Acer, ASUS, Dell, Lenovo and the usual culprits offer Windows tablets, but none of them hold a candle to the Surface line of devices, and last year Microsoft took things a step further by introducing the Surface Book, the laptop made by Microsoft that people never thought they'd see. Now, there's a possibility that they might do the same with their own smartphone.

One enterprising Redditor lucked out and realized that "" redirects to the page for the surface line. Of course, this isn't an indicator that Microsoft have plans in place to introduce their own smartphone, and it could be that the firm is just looking to cover their back should they want the URL. Having said that, Microsoft does have the talent to pull something like this off, and despite the Lumia branding – which they acquired from Nokia, along with their whole mobile division – it's clear Microsoft is unable to grab the market's attention with Windows Phone. Windows Phone 10 has been demonstrated to feature some strong features, but with poor support from big social media networks and other popular apps, it doesn't look like there's much that can save Windows Phone at this point.


The Surface branding appears to be a strong one however, and they have a lot more to offer than the likes of the iPad and perhaps even Android tablets. People now recognize the Surface branding as a quality name in tablets, and it could do the same for Windows Phone devices. Microsoft has shown a change in the way they do things since Satya Nadella took over the company, and while there's arguably little need for Windows Phone any more, as Microsoft services are available everywhere, we doubt Nadella is willing to give up on all the hard work that's gone into Windows Phone over the years.

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