Rumor: HTC Nexus Smartphones Codenamed T50 & T55

January 19, 2016 - Written By John Anon

In spite of the year only been a few weeks ago, yesterday saw some news coming through which if true, is likely to be one of the big news topics of the year. If you missed the previous coverage then to briefly recap, a report came through detailing that the next Nexus smartphone will be manufactured by HTC. A move which would see the two companies join forces once again for another Nexus device and following in the footsteps of the original Nexus smartphone and the much more recently released Nexus 9 tablet.

However, that was not the end of the news, as the report also detailed that HTC will not just be manufacturing one Nexus handset, but will actually be making and releasing two Nexus handsets this year. One is said to be a 5-inch sized smartphone, while the second is said to be a larger 5.5-inch sized Nexus smartphone. Other than their sizes, next to no further information was provided by the original source information.

The original information came from a tipster in China through Weibo and today, another tipster, LlabTooFeR, has also joined the HTC Nexus conversation. In a tweet sent out this morning by the tipster, LlabTooFeR is stating that the the two Nexus smartphones by HTC will come with the codenames ‘T50’ and ‘T55’. LlabTooFeR does make it clear that these code names “allegedly” relate to the HTC Nexus smartphones, although, there does seem to be some relationship with the codenames, as they do seem to clearly be in line with the already reported sizes of the two devices. Therefore, the assumption would be the T50 is the 5-inch option, while the T-55 is the 5.5-inch variant. Of course, while the latest tip, albeit from a different tipster, does seem to add further weight to the notion that HTC might indeed be releasing the next Nexus smartphone(s), it is still worth remembering that this is still very much a rumor. A very early rumor and until anything concrete comes though, will remain as such. That all said, the latest is the two Nexus smartphones from HTC are codenamed T50 and T55.