Rumor: Galaxy S7 To Include A Feature Similar To 'Live Photos'


The Galaxy S7 could be unveiled in a little more than a month, we've heard many rumors about it and we've seen some leaked renders which depict what the highly anticipated phone could look like. Regarding the hardware, rumors suggest that the design of the new flagship will resemble the one of its predecessor, based on glass on the front and back and a metallic frame in between. Internally, it is supposed to be powered by either a Snapdragon 820 processor or Samsung's Exynos 8890 processor with 4 GB of RAM in both cases. There will probably be two versions of the Galaxy S7, one with a flat screen and another one with curved screen on the edges, which will most likely be called Galaxy S7 Edge. The sizes of those phones are still unknown, as the information is contradictory at the moment. Those phones could even be launched with a larger version of the Galaxy S7 Edge, called Galaxy S7 Edge+.

Apple upgraded the cameras on their latest iPhones and to show them off they implemented a feature called Live Photos. These phones record a few seconds before and after the picture is taken so the images have movement when seen in the Gallery. As usual, Apple didn't invent such feature, as HTC included a similar functionality in its Zoe app and Windows Phone also integrated a similar feature in its Camera app. Still, since the iPhones are quite popular, this feature is now better known. A new report suggests that a similar feature could be launched in Samsung's latest offering. Apparently, software engineers from Samsung are developing and testing the feature, and even if the company might show it at the launch of the Galaxy S7, it could be included in a future software update a little later. According to the information, the company has yet to decide what to call this feature, with 'Vivid Photo' or 'Timeless Photo' being two of the possibilities.


These kind of photos wouldn't record sounds, unlike in Apple's implementation, so these files would not weight as much and they could be shared directly to Facebook and other social media sites as GIFs. Apple uses its pressure sensitive display in this feature, so it's unknown if the Galaxy S7 would have a similar display, although some rumors have suggested that it will. It is worth remembering that these are just rumors until the phone is officially announced.

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