Report: Amazon Launching Portable Echo In Next Few Weeks

January 11, 2016 - Written By John Anon

Amazon is a company who has always been heavily interested in getting more involved with the hardware electronics sector and while their debut smartphone, the Fire Phone, saw its fair share of negative criticisms, some of its other products seem to be doing rather well. Both the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick are making a big impact on the streaming market and likewise, Amazon’s voice-activated Echo seems to be one of the hot products of last year. As such, it might not come as that much of a surprise to learn that a report out of the Wall Street Journal this morning is stated that Amazon plan to announce and launch a successor to Echo in the very near future. A product which reportedly is currently going by the codename “Fox”.

In terms of the details, little is known for sure, although the report does note some interesting aspects of the incoming addition. Most notably, this will be positioned as a more affordable alternative to Echo. Therefore it is one which seems destined to come in at a much more attractive price-point. How attractive though, remains to be seen. It won’t just be the price that is smaller either. As well as the price being smaller than Echo, so will the actual size of the unit. According to the report, Fox will be a voice-controlled product which is likely to be positioned as a more portable version of Echo. In fact, according to the details, this will be a unit which is small enough to be held in-hand. Possible drink can sized, due to what seems to be its emphasis on being more vertically standing, like the Echo.

Another noticeable difference is that Fox will come with a button which needs to be pressed first before the voice feature begins to listen as there will be no ‘always listening’ feature in place. This is thought to be an aspect designed to ensure battery life remains sufficient. As this is a portable unit, it is expected to be one which works off-the-charge, while when at home, it will be a unit which can be docked in a specifically designed docking station. Last but not least and in terms of when, the report details that we should be on the lookout for this smaller, more affordable and portable voice-controlled unit in the “coming weeks“.