PlayStation VR Briefly Appears On Amazon Canada For Over $1k

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VR is set to be one of the biggest areas of technology this year, and what better industry to take advantage of it than video games. With options like the Vive Pre coming from HTC and Valve, as well as the Rift headset coming from Oculus, VR is likely to be an exciting space to explore for gamers. Another major company involved heavily in the games industry is Sony with their most recent console, the PlayStation 4, and they too have a headset coming to market slated for a release sometime this year called PlayStation VR, previously known as Project Morpheus. Although there is no time frame for a release just yet as well a lack of information on pricing, PlayStation VR seems to have briefly shown up on Amazon Canada for a price well over a thousand.

If this were the actual price range for the headset this would make it the most expensive VR headset to date, even more than the Oculus Rift which recently went live with pre-orders just yesterday for $599. The Amazon page listed the PlayStation VR for $1,125 CAD, which is a bit more than the price would likely be for consumers here in the U.S., but one thing to remember is that the Sony has stated the price will be similar to the cost of the PS4 console.


Considering this, any price over $400 seems much less likely given that the cost of the PS4 is now sitting at $349.99 for most variations of the console, unless you pick up a bundle which comes with extra items like a second controller, a game, etc. Aside from the astronomical price on the Amazon listing which is now conveniently listed as currently unavailable with no cost details, the page also had information on the specifications for the PlayStation VR which includes a 5.7-inch 120Hz OLED display with full HD resolution, as well as a super low latency of less than 18ms, which are both details that have already been made public through the various events where Sony has shown off the headset. According to the listing before the pricing was pulled, there was also a date mentioned for a possible launch which was December 31st. Whether or not this is the actual date for the release of PlayStation VR is unclear, as is whether or not this would be the launch just for Canada or all of North America. Although the price was probably a mistake, the dates and information about the specs could very well be what we can expect.