Oree Stylograph Lets You Jot Down Notes in Style

oree stylograph

Anyone who thinks writing down notes on a piece of paper is no longer a significant art form may have never met the Oree Stylograph, a ballpoint smart pen made from pure copper. And just as it looks beautiful, it also writes with grace. At the CES 2016, viewers were in for a treat as they were able to see the Stylograph in action. The smart pen formerly started as a Kickstarter project, where it received its full funding just a few weeks ago.

There are plenty of smart pen models available in the market. But if anything, the Stylograph stands out from the competition. For one thing, it comes with a standard ballpoint cartridge enabling its user to jot down notes on a piece of paper. But apart from just doing so, the pen communicates with a synced iOS or Android device via Bluetooth. In doing so, anything that has been scribbled on a piece of paper gets automatically and wirelessly transferred to the accompanying Oree app. On the tip of the smart pen is a camera which captures each stroke you make with the pen on the special micropattern embedded on the paper.
When the Stylograph starts selling to the public, it will come with the special Oree refillable paper notebook with a beautiful tan leather cover and a dedicated pen holder for your smart pen. You will need this special paper in order for your writing to be transmitted to the app. When you've run out of paper, unfortunately you will need to spend another $25 for a refill consisting of 190 pages. It's a bit costly but if you really love the look of this particular smart pen, it's worth the investment.


Now that it has been showcased at CES, the Oree Stylograph smart pen could start shipping anytime soon. It is rumored to sell for $420 when it will be released in the market. As of this writing, the accompanying Oree app doesn't come with character-recognition features. But a spokesperson for the company has assured that this will be available by the end of January.