Opera Max Can Help You Save Up To 60% On Netflix Data Usage

Netflix Opera Max

So far this month, a couple of big Netflix-related news reports have come through. One was in relation to Netflix looking to lessen the ability for subscribers to utilize VPNs to reach international territory content. While the other was that Netflix is now expanding its reach to include a far larger number of markets. In fact, the press release stated that Netflix was now accessible in more than 130 additional countries, taking its reach to more than 190 countries in full. No mean feat by any standards.

With Netflix spreading its wings so much, this can only mean that more and more users are likely to sign-up to the service. That is, on top of the already confirmed to be more than 75 million subscribers the service now reports to have. With such a large number of users already using the service and an even larger number now expected to start making use of the service, it does seem likely that even more users will begin to watch and stream Netflix content from their mobiles and as a result, with their mobile data. An exercise which could quickly become a costly one. Regardless of which plan you are signed up to, streaming video content is one which can easily eat through your data allowance quite quickly.


On that note, Opera, the makers of one of the more popular web browsers have recently released a blog post detailing that one way you can lessen the impact of streaming Netflix on your mobile is to make use of the Opera Max Android app. According to Opera, this is the first app to optimize streaming video and music. As a result, their own testing suggests that users can save up to a maximum of 60% of their mobile data usage when using Netflix through the Opera Max app. Of course, it is not just Netflix content that the Opera Max app can help save data on, as the app is designed to be one which looks to stretch out your data allowance in general. So regardless of which music or video streaming service you make use of, Opera Max just might be a useful addition to you. Those interested in finding out more about how Opera Max can save on Netflix content can read the full blog posting by clicking here. Alternatively, you can head straight through the link below to check out the Opera Max Android app on the Play Store.