Oculus Rift Goes Up for Pre-Order January 6th 8AM PST


To get 2016 off the ground running, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas gets underway this week, and while not everything will be mobile-related, each year we see a little bit more of where the future of tech is going. Emerging technologies like flexible OLED, such as the curved display found in the Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge+ made their debut at CES shows of the past, and virtual reality will no doubt be out on the show floor in force this week. While more of an 'on-its-way' technology than an emerging one, virtual reality is here, and it's readily available from the likes of Oculu's own partner Samsung, but the final product from the firm that opened our eyes to the technology has yet to go on sale to consumers. That changes this week.

Over on their official blog, Oculus has come forward and told the world that January 6th, at 8AM Pacific Time, will be the day that the Oculus Rift goes on pre-order. There's little info on price, when it will ship or what it comes with – outside of a couple game announcements. This is no accident, and Oculus is of course looking to drum up as much hype and publicity that they can do before pre-orders go live to persuade as many of those on the fence to pull the trigger. The blog post details the two games that will ship with the Oculus Rift, the platformer Lucky's Tale developed by Playful and EVE: Valkyrie from CCP for those that want to pilot a spaceship.


There's little else to be told other than that, but the firm notes that "this is going to be an exciting week for VR" and we're inclined to believe them. CES has always been a hotbed for emerging products and technologies that have yet to be proven in the market place, and we're sure that more than just Oculus will have something to announce regarding virtual reality as the week gets underway. Should we hear anything on price before January 6th, we'll be sure to post it, but it looks like Oculus wants this Wednesday to a pretty special midweek affair for gamers everywhere.

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