Nyko Launches $25 ‘Cyngus’ Android Bluetooth Gamepad

January 20, 2016 - Written By Justin Diaz

Android gaming and mobile gaming in general, is easily at its most popular and although the touch controls for games have gotten a whole lot better over the years since mobile gaming went more mainstream, they still leave a little bit to be desired for many gamers. For some it isn’t that touch screen controls are necessarily bad, just that they prefer the tactile and traditional feel of a controller in their hands when playing games. For these users as well as anyone who generally despises touchscreen controls but loves mobile gaming, companies like Nyko are producing good quality gamepads that can be hooked up to mobile devices via Bluetooth. Enter the ‘Cyngus’ which is Nyko’s latest and recently launched gamepad for use with Android specifically.

Nyko notes that the Cyngus works with any Android device that runs Android 3.0 and up, which at this stage is almost every single Android device on the planet. That’s good news as compatibility is an issue with some devices. The Cyngus, like Nyko’s past gamepads, has a full button layout with a d-pad, dual joysticks, a home button for going back to the homescreen on your device, a start and select key, left and right trigger and bumper buttons, and the a,b,x,y layout on the right.

Those who have played any Xbox console should be familiar with the feel of the Cyngus as it features a similar style and layout of the controls, making this something that should be easy to pick up and start using immediately, so long as they game you are trying to use it with supports the Android HID protocol for mobile game controllers. The Cyngus uses 2 AA batteries for power, but Nyko notes that users can also plug in a micro USB cable if the batteries are dead or not an option.The Cyngus controller is already on sale and goes for $24.99, and it can be purchased directly from Nyko through their online store, or from other online merchants such as Amazon for the same price. Compared to other Bluetooth gamepads on the market, the Cyngus offers up what is likely to be a great gaming experience for less than the cost of competitors.

Buy The Nyko Cyngus Bluetooth Gamepad - $24.99