NVIDIA Puts Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising On GeForce NOW

January 14, 2016 - Written By Justin Diaz

NVIDIA’s SHIELD platform of devices is near the perfect setup for gamers on the go and in the home, with the recently release SHIELD Tablet K1 and the SHIELD TV units, as well as the original SHIELD Tablet and the portable. While NVIDIA will be consistently releasing big-name titles onto Android for these specific SHIELD devices as exclusives, like Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance for example, the biggest collection of hit games comes from their game streaming service called GeForce NOW , which lets users stream games to play straight to their device, and NVIDIA has just recently added a new game to the mix with Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising.

This wouldn’t be the first FPS title to hit the platform, and it certainly won’t be the last, what’s unique about this one though is that it gives gamers a taste of realism. Unlike most other FPS titles, one shot in Dragon Rising and you’re dead, adding a layer of difficulty that challenges players to be a little more cautious with their choices in the game. Players will have to be a little more strategic with movement and all other decisions if they hope to live, and while the game is by no means impossible to beat, you can’t rush into battle guns blazing. You do have quite the extensive collection to choose from though when are you’re ready to pull the trigger, as Dragon Rising features more than 100 weapons and vehicles with which to do damage.

If you own a SHIELD device GeForce Now is readiily available and all it requires is a monthly membership fee of $7.99, however it is also free for the first three months for new subscribers, meaning you get a full 90 days of gaming without having to pay. What’s more is that Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is one of the titles that is available to memebers for free, whereas new titles like The Witcher 3 and Trine 3 cost an additional amount. Dragon Rising also streams at 1080p so visual quality is going to be at its best, although you’ll definitely want to have the tablet connected to a 5GHz network if you want the best experience with uninterrupted play. Wanting to give the game a try? Just open up the SHIELD Hub app on your device, navigate to the “Free for Members” tab, and select Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising.