Nintendo Predicts Profit Hike Due To Mobile Games

AH Nintendo 1

Nintendo is a company whose history is steeped in video games rich with engagement and lovable characters. Some of Nintendo’s most memorable titles are ones that have been around for decades, so loved that they have had smartphone gamers clamoring for the company to make mobile titles. Up until last year though Nintendo had been insistent on staying out of the mobile gaming industry. Following their announcement to produce six mobile game titles alongside seasoned mobile developer DeNA, with more recent announcements that games would be launching in 2016, the first being a title called Miitomo set to launch in the next couple of months.

While Nintendo has been quiet on what any other future titles for the mobile gaming market will be, they have mentioned that they have plans for more games to release this year featuring some of their more recognizable characters from AAA franchises. Unfortunately that is the most detail that Nintendo has let out, so anyone that’s interested in games beyond the upcoming Miitomo will have to wait until the company decides to make those details public.


Releasing games with some of Nintendo’s more memorable character however, looks to be a promising move for the company as Nintendo’s President Tatsumi Kimishima reportedly views mobile as a promising outlet for them, stating that he hopes mobile games will help to raise their profits to new heights. Nintendo also has plans to reach a profit amount of $855 million (which is four times that of what Nintendo saw in 2015) over the next several years, which may suggest that the company also has plans for even more mobile games beyond those to be launched in 2016. Whichever characters Nintendo plans to incorporate into their mobile lineup going forward, fans of the console brand and their games across various platforms will be looking at completely new mobile games designed for smartphones from the ground up, only featuring characters from those popular franchises and not ports of console versions similar to what other big name publishers have done. Having said this, Nintendo’s games have always been known to be loved by many, so anything they cook up has a good chance of capturing the attention of many gamers.