New U.S. Cellular Simple Connect Prepaid Plans Now Available


Every so often, it seems as though there is a bring change in the way carriers price their plans. These more often than not, seem to occur in quick succession with carriers adjusting plans to match each other. It was only a few days ago when it was reported that T-Mobile had adjusted a number of their Simple Prepaid plans. In this case it was a rather clean adjustment with the uncarrier boosting a number of their plans to offer more data without charging higher fees. Following those prepaid changes, it now looks like the next carrier to change their prepaid plans is U.S. Cellular, almost a a year to the day following other changes the carrier made to their Simple Connect plans. While the changes are not as big in terms of data as T-Mobile's new plans, they are ones still worth checking out and especially if you are planning a move to U.S. Cellular.

In terms of the new prepaid plan options, the most affordable comes in at $30. For that money, you are looking at 500 minutes of talk and unlimited text. Unfortunately, this is a plan which does not offer any data allowance. This is by design as this is essentially a plan for basic phones. Moving on to the first of the data-relevant plans and the most affordable comes at at $35 per month. For that figure, you are looking at unlimited talk and text as well as a 500MB data allowance. Moving on and the next plan jumps to $45 a month. For that plan, you are looking at unlimited talk and text again, as well as a jump in data to 2GB per month. The top plan on offer comes in at $60 per month and this will also bring with it unlimited talk and text as well as a bigger jump up to 5GB data per month.


Of course, the three data plans do come with unlimited data, as the figures quoted are relevant to high-speed data. Once you reach the 500MB, 2GB or 5GB data, you will still have access to data, juts at a reduced speed. Those interested in learning more about any of the new U.S. Cellular Simple Connect plans, can do so by heading through the source link below.

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