New Episodes of Samsung's GONE VR Series Go Live


Virtual reality, or more simply, VR, is easily one of the most talked about aspects of the tech world right now. This is partly due to what seems to be a very keen interest from the tech community in general, but also from what is clearly an increase in activity at the manufacturer level. Thanks to this increase in activity from the likes of HTC, among others, the number of ways in which VR is starting to reach consumer hands is steadily increasing. A combined effect of which is constantly seeing virtual reality grow in its importance.

Of course, when it comes to virtual reality, Samsung certainly seem to be one of the companies that are leading the way in the industry. Not only did they release what was essentially a prototype VR viewer in the form of the Gear VR Innovator Edition quite early, but they have also now released a much more consumer friendly VR viewer with the latest Gear VR edition. One which can be picked up for only $99.99. Not to mention, they also see highly focused towards making their own standout VR content available as well. A prime example of this came mid-way through 2015 when the company announced they were planning to release a standalone VR series which was being dubbed GONE. A series which would see its release first and foremost to those who make use of Samsung's own Milk VR service.


Following the initial announcement, Samsung released the first couple of episodes of GONE back in December of last year and in a press announcement released today, Samsung has now confirmed that the first episode became the "most viewed piece of content" on Milk VR. Along with that confirmation, the announcement also details that they are now releasing the next installments of the series with episodes 3, 4 and 5 becoming available on Milk VR. For those who are eager for more GONE content, Samsung has also now released a special behind the scenes video short which provides more information on how they put the series together. You can check out the behind the scenes video by hitting play below.

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