Netflix CEO Looks Forward to Chinese Launch


Netflix might once have been known for delivering DVDs in the mail, but we all know that the firm is responsible for making Internet TV more than just a curiosity, but a very real prospect. Cord-cutters the world over now rely on Netflix for the majority of their programming, and it's helped to make hit TV shows like Breaking Bad more popular than their creators first realized. Recently, Netflix made headlines for launching in 130 new countries all over the globe. A massive move to start off 2016, there are now more people than ever that have access to thousands of TV shows and movies, but there's still one massive market the red streaming service hasn't tapped yet; China.

China is a country of almost 1.5 Billion people, and over the past few years it's seen massive demand for smartphones and mobile technology alike. Despite the great firewall, the Internet has spurred on start-ups and small business just as it has over here in the West. Netflix's CEO, Reed Hastings, talking at the Digital Life Design conference is Germany, said he was optimistic about a launch in China. Praising the recent launches of iTunes Movies and Disney content in China, Hastings said that "you're feeling your way along about getting the right permissions" when trying to get a foot in the door to China. Hastings said that "it may be soon that we have a license in China" but ultimately said that patience was required. Likening Netflix's expansion East to Apple's iPhone he said that Apple "negotiated and talked and built relationships for six years before the iPhone was allowed to come to China" ultimately admitting that " it may take a couple years, but we're going to be very patient".


The Chinese market has been one that a number of companies have been keen to expand in to. McDonalds has recently made the jump to China, and while there's clearly a demand for Western brands it's not all that simple. Especially when talking about an Internet company like Netflix. Should the service launch in China, it's likely to be heavily-censored and Netflix will have their work cutout for them keeping the Chinese authorities happy. When exactly this expansion could take place is anyone's guess, but it's nice to hear Netflix are thinking of expanding to China.

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