"Movi" Camera From Livestream Brings Pocket-Sized Quality


Everybody likes to take a video of life happening around them now and then, but some are more serious about it than others. You may have an average person recording their daughter's wedding on their smartphone, an adventurer recording their exploits with a GoPro or even the film buff lugging around thousands of dollars worth of pro gear. Though each niche may have some purpose-made gadgets for recording live events, such as the LG V10, which LG touts as movie-quality, not all of them are made equal. The pocket camera sector has never been thought of as a place to find gizmos of a high pedigree, but a company called Livestream is looking to change that. 

To that end, they've introduced the Movi pocket camera. Only compatible with iOS for now, this small, unassuming device features a wide 150 degree f2.8 lens with a 12.4 megapixel sensor behind it. A high-quality setup of stereo microphones, boasting 8kHz -192kHz response, is also built in. Atop the little circle that is the Movi, you'll find a universal power button and an LED ring. The ring is there to inform you of things like battery status and connection. A 1,200 mAh battery powers the show in conjunction with an Ambarella A9SE processor. The Movi comes with a mount, allowing you to set it and forget it in most recording environments. The Movi charges via Micro USB and comes with a power brick and a 16GB Micro SD card. An extended battery pack called the Movi Boost is available, which includes USB and Ethernet ports from which you can charge any USB device and connect to more stable internet. A 4G LTE modem can also be used. This pack also includes a universal mount that allows you to mount up on professional tripods, mic stands and just about any other mount you can normally put recording gear on, including Livestream's own stand for the Movi, made by Konig & Meyer. As a bonus, the Movi Boost accessory adds rain resistance.

The Movi is controlled via a smartphone app. It can connect to your phone, iOS only for now, via its own ad-hoc Wi-Fi hotspot or Bluetooth 4.0. The app uses an intuitive gesture-based interface to allow on-the-fly editing, even during live streams. People detection and movement tracking is on board to allow automated optimization of most videos. The Movi, in conjunction with the app, can live stream videos or share them to various sources such as YouTube and Facebook. There is no word on a release for Android just yet, but if you have an iDevice lying around or are willing to wait for Android compatibility, you can preorder the Movi for $199 right now, with the final price shooting up to $399. Right now, $399 will net you the full Pro package with the Movi Boost accessory, some extra cords and a stand. This one will cost $649 after the official launch in April.

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