Motorola: Moto E & G Might Not Sport Fingerprint Scanners

Lenovo's Senior Vice President, Chen Xudong, was interviewed quite recently be Tech Sina. In that interview, Mr. Xudong shared quite a bit of info, not only about Lenovo, but Motorola as well. His remarks were misinterpreted though, and quite a bit of info that leaked out turned out to be false, as Lenovo and Motorola already denied quite a bit of those remarks. Lenovo's SVP basically hinted that the Moto E and Moto G are going to cease to exist, which Lenovo denied soon after. There was also some confusion regarding fingerprint scanners on the upcoming Moto devices. Lenovo's SVP basically said that all Moto devices released in 2016 will sport them, but it seems like that information is not as accurate as we thought, read on.

Motorola has denied the fact that Moto E and Moto G are going away, and now they've released another statement saying that it's not certain Moto E and Moto G will feature fingerprint scanner. Motorola said the following: ''Xudong was referring to products specific to the China market. We'll share more information about our 2016 products at a later time''. So, it seems like Mr. Xudong's remarks were misinterpreted, he was referring to Chinese handset variants only, so you're no guaranteed to get a fingerprint scanner with the next-gen Moto E and Moto G device. Now, this interview turned out to be quite a mess in the end, and it's hard to know who to blame here, but it seems like quite a few statements made by Mr. Xudong were misinterpreted the other day. Motorola has already denied some info Mr. Xudong shared, and we do hope this is the end of it.

That being said, Lenovo has recently released a statement saying that 'Motorola' brand will cease to exist, but that the company's 'Moto' devices will become a part of Lenovo. Some people really didn't react all too well when they heard this, but there you have it. It remains to be seen what will the company introduce this year, but it seems like we're going to see a new Moto E, Moto G and Moto X this year, at least if recent statements from the two companies are to be believed.

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