Minecraft Pocket Edition Beta Gets Loads Of New Content

January 26, 2016 - Written By Justin Diaz

Minecraft is easily one of the most popular games around, having started first on PC and then finally making the jump to consoles and mobile devices, and having even been transformed into a story mode game by Telltale, and there’s an education edition on the way. Minecraft Pocket Edition as it’s known for mobile, has just recenbtly been updated via the beta version for Android users of the game and it brings in a ton of new stuff for players, and although it’s available in the beta right now there’s no word unfortunately on when the new content will be incorporated into the non-beta version of Minecraft Pocket Edition. Mojang does state though that the new content that is added in the beta will be coming to the regular version of Minecraft Pocket Edition “in the near future.”

As for what’s actually new for Minecraft Pocket Edition beta testers, there’s quite a few additions to look out for, including cauldrons, maps, hoppers, dispensers, droppers, item frames (which the developers mention are still buggy at this point), slime blocks, creative inventory, witches, pumpkin hats and mob head hats, red sandstone, repeaters and comparators, double trapped chests, and a UI scale slider. With all that new stuff to discover and create things, one might think that’s all there is to the latest version of the beta which at this point is at version 0.14.0, but on the contrary there have been quite a few tweaks and adjustments made to the beta version of the game to improve the overall experience as well.

These adjustments include a nice spit and polish to the textures which Mojang state have been cleaned up quite a bit so things should look smoother than before, and the Pocket Edition start screen has a whole new UI. They also added some changes to baby zombies, ghast eyes, magma cubes, and blazes, and they emphasize on the fact they finally fixed those darn door textures that players seem to have been complaining about for quite some time. In addition to many of the tweaks listed here and all the new features to discover, Minecraft Pocket Edition beta also includes a handful of bug fixes to enhance the gameplay, of which there are quite a few. If you’re interested in seeing all of the bug fixes as well as the full changelog, you can view it from Mojang’s blog post about the changes. To be part of the beta test if you aren’t already, you have to join the beta test from a link posted on the blog post about the update, and have the paid version of Minecraft PE already installed.