Microsoft Will Give you up to $250 towards a Band 2

January 15, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Microsoft is looking to sell their own wearable, the Band 2, and grab a bit more of the wearable market share. Which they currently have a pretty small portion of. Especially since they’ve only released two wearables. The Microsoft Band and Band 2. The Microsoft Band 2 works with Android, iOS and Windows Phone, so it’s cross-platform compatibility is a pretty big selling point for them. It does everything a Fitbit does and a bit more actually. It can track your workout when your lifting weights, something Fitbit can’t do yet. It can also help you perfect your golf swing. And Microsoft wants to sell more Band 2’s, of course who wouldn’t?

To help get more Band 2’s off the shelves and into customers hands, Microsoft has a special going on now through February 7th where you can trade in a working Smartwatch or fitness band and get up to $250 off of the purchase of a new Band 2. The highest price you’ll get is from an Apple Watch, which is $250. Fitbit’s bands seem to be going for under $100. Now the full price of the Band 2 is $250, so that’s not a bad trade in price. However you could likely sell the smartwatch or fitness band yourself and make a bit more cash off of it. Android Wear smartwatches like the Sony Smartwatch 3 is going for just $25, pretty small dent in the price of the Band 2.

Fitness bands seem to be the more popular wearable right now. Likely because they’ve been around longer, and everyone is looking to get into shape. And fitness bands help out with that. Of course the leader there is Fitbit and Microsoft has some stiff competition from Fitbit, Jawbone, Garmin, Withings, Misfit and even smartwatches. But the Band 2 is a good piece of kit and one that many will be happy with. In addition to fitness tracking, you can also place calls, text messages and more on the rectangular screen of the Microsoft Band 2. You can head to Microsoft’s website to learn more about this promotion. You have roughly three weeks to take advantage of it. So you’d better hurry.