March Is When Nintendo Will Launch Their 1st Mobile Game

January 15, 2016 - Written By Justin Diaz

Mobile games have become quite popular and are now big business for many game developers and publishers including heavyweights like Square Enix, Ubisoft, Konami, and Bandai Namco. Even Sony, Microsoft, and Bethesda have released mobile games onto various platforms. In March of last year Nintendo finally confirmed what gamers had been hoping for, and stated they would be looking to release mobile games in the future to Android and iOS platforms, although at the time they didn’t mention which games those would be or what they would be about, just that they would not be ports of their games on consoles so as to preserve the integrity and memory of those titles.

Last October, Nintendo revealed what their first mobile title would be, a Mii-based game called Miitomo that is essentially more of a “social toy” according to the company than an actual game. While there are still some details yet to be revealed for Miitomo Nintendo has now finally outed the launch date for the title, and has stated that they will be launching it in March of this year. There is no exact release date for the game but March is only a month and half away so it won’t be long before Nintendo shares more details about what’s coming, including the launch day and the rest of the details about the game’s contents.

As mentioned previously before by Nintendo, Miitomo will be a free to play game just like their plans for the rest of the games they aim to launch on mobile in the future, so there won’t be any cost associated with downloading, installing, and playing Miitomo up front, but there will be optional in-app purchases that gamers can make, and for a title of this nature it’s reasonable to assume that it will have something to do with the clothes, style, accessories etc. that you can outfit your Miitomo avatar with, although this is unclear and just speculation. While this might not be exactly what people were hoping for when Nintendo announced their plans to enter the mobile game market, it’s nice to see Nintendo committing, and perhaps their next offering will be something more along the lines of what Nintendo fans were wanting.