Lyft, Cabify & Others Partner with Waze to use their Data

January 26, 2016 - Written By Diego Macias

Navigation app, Waze, offers good features and accurate traffic information, as it is powered by users who report any incident that happens on the road. On Tuesday, the company made a big announcement, as they are launching their Waze Transport SDK (software development kit), so partners could use the data and features of the app and implement them into their own apps. Some of the features that will be available in the SDK are Waze’s ETA, turn-by-turn navigation and preferred routing. This would make it easier and safer to switch between apps and gather the necessary information from each of them.

The first set of partners using the Waze Transport SDK include ride-sharing transportation companies like Lyft in the U.S.; Cabify in Spain, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico and 99Taxis in Brazil. Other industries include the emergency dispatch service Genesis Group and the parking company JustPark, both available in the U.K. Finally, the food-delivery service Cornershop, which is available in Mexico and Chile, is also a partner to use the SDK. Partnering with all of these companies, Waze can provide several benefits to everyone who uses the app. Partners can grow their business by serving more customers thanks to the optimized routes provided by Waze. For example, Lyft drivers can save some time to pick up more passengers and provide a better service by not getting their customers stuck in traffic, plus, we know how crucial it is for emergency services to get where they’re needed as fast as they can. Those who expect something to be delivered will be able to know exactly when their product is arriving.

Finally, users of Waze will also benefit, as with the new partnerships, the already large community of over 50 million users would grow even more as hundreds of thousands of professional drivers would now use Waze to improve the maps and report incidents, so everyone could have a better idea of what to expect on the road. The SDK is available in every region that Waze has a presence, so they will analyze more companies that potentially create an impact to add them as partners. Some partners such as Lyft, Cornershop and JustPark are offering promotions to celebrate the news, so be sure to check those at the link from the source.