LG V10 Put Through Scratch, Burn & Bend Test In Latest Video

YouTube user Zack Nelson, better known by his YouTube username 'JerryRigEverything' is known for fixing everything - from Jeeps to gaming consoles, from personal computers to mobile phones. He has recently become a regular fixture in the online tech media for coming up with insane videos that seem to put electronic gadgets - mainly smartphones - through the grind, subjecting them through the kind of torture chamber that not many come out of unscathed. Unless of course, you happen to be the Moto Droid Turbo 2, which, with its 'Shatterproof' screen, took quite a beating and yet, emerged out of its harrowing ordeal with flying colors.

Not many devices however, are that lucky, as many of them do not live to fight another day. Case in point? The Nexus 6P, which was subjected to the infamous 'bend test' not once, but twice, after some users complained of 'bias' and improper testing methodology, after the first test showed the device give away quicker than most other handsets. Either way, Mr. Nelson now has uploaded a new video chronicling the various torturous scenarios he put the LG V10 through.

The first test was the comparatively commonplace scratch test, which, the V10 passed with flying colors for the most part, thanks to the presence of Corning's Gorilla Glass 4 protection. The display didn't seem to get all scratched up until level six, but the camera lens started showing scratch marks from level five onwards. The stainless steel frame also seem to hold up pretty well in spite of dogged attempts by Mr. Nelson to put a few unsightly scratch marks on the phone's body. With the relatively harmless scratch test now out the way, the LG V10 was put to the dreaded burn test. For this, the reviewer holds the device over a lighter, which seemed to initially leave a black mark on the screen, but the display apparently did not suffer from any ill effects of being subjected to the open flame, and the display turned back on once it cooled down for a few seconds.

Finally came the most torturous of tests but the LG V10 seemed to have escaped from it relatively unscathed as well. Yes, it's the infamous bend test, but although the V10 seemed to have some amount of flex to it, there seemed to be no real damage to the main stainless steel structure, and the handset remained usable even after being put through the tough, back-breaking test (literally!) that its more illustrious counterparts like the Nexus 6P found impossible to come out of alive.

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