LG Poland: "G5" Name is not Confirmed for new Flagship

LG Logo 2016 AH 1

LG has already sent out invites for their Mobile World Congress press conference for late-February. This tells us that LG has something planned, but as usual, they are not telling us exactly what we might see from the South Korean company on February 21st. Most are expecting the LG G5, or the fifth generation of the Optimus G line (which later dropped the "Optimus" name). As that is the device that typically is announced around this time of year, however according to LG Poland, we might not be seeing the LG G5 at Mobile World Congress next month.

According to a tweet exchange between LG Poland and a customer, the company states that no one confirmed that the name of the device being announced is the LG G5. So while they didn't exactly say it won't be the LG G5, they also didn't confirm that it will be. The account hasn't given up any other information in regards to the device, and likely won't. It's not confirmed whether we'll be seeing a flagship at the event in Barcelona either, however a report earlier this month stated that a "major smartphone" was being released at the trade show from the company. Last year, LG announced the Watch Urbane and a few low-end, mid-range smartphones. That could very well happen again this year.


This morning, during LG's earnings report the company noted that there will be two flagships announced this year. In 2015, LG put out the G4 and the V10. With the G4 coming in April and the V10 coming in early-October. We're expecting to see successors to both of those smartphones. And perhaps the company putting out even better flagships in 2016. Despite shipping 59.7 million smartphones, they did still record a pretty big loss for the year. Something that the company definitely wants to rectify in 2016.

LG's Mobile World Congress press conference is less than a month away – taking place on February 21st – we will be there to see exactly what LG has up their sleeve's for the 2016 edition of Mobile World Congress. With all of the leaks we've seen lately of what we believe to be the LG G5, there's a pretty big possibility that could be the device that is unveiled in Barcelona.