LG Plans To Further Focus On IoT & Cars This Year


There are a number of press announcements taking place at CES today and one of the first companies to take to the stage was LG. In fact, the company's press event has now taken place and while there were a number of announcements coming from the company, LG has made it clear that there are two specific directions they are looking to focus more on throughout 2016.

The first is the Internet of Things (IoT). This is an area where many companies are now looking to migrate towards, with the level of connected products becoming far more widely accessible and consumer-demand seeming to be one which is looking for greater levels of connectivity. Not to mention, the recent announcement from Google on their connected IoT platform, Brillo and its inter-communication language Weave, is another aspect which highlights that many companies will be looking to bring a more connected view of home appliances and other home-based products. Specifically, ones which are able to connect and be controlled by smartphones and tablets. An aspect which was not lost on LG, as Google's Gayathri Rajan was on stage talking about Brillo, Weave and Google's relationship with LG. In announcing their increased approach to the IoT sector, LG took today's event to announce a number of their latest LG Signature products including new TVs, washing machines and a smart fridge.


The other specific direction which LG looks to be focusing on over the coming months is connected cars. Like the IoT, this is another area which is seeing significant growth of late and as a result, is an area where many manufacturers also look to be more focused on. LG being one of them. In fact, Skott Ahn, LG Mobile Electronics President & CEO, made the point that this level of growth is one of the driving factors. As consumers spend more time in cars, LG is looking to ensure that they are part of the growth with a view to making it both "safer and more enjoyable".

While there was not much in the way of mobile announced today, the company did already announce its latest range of devices as the LG K series which will be on display at CES. These mostly consist of the LG K7 and the K10 and both make use of LG's 'glossy pebble' design language.

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