LG G5 Rumored to have a Removable Bottom, Battery Slides Out

lg g5

The LG G5 is coming soon, how soon? We aren’t quite sure just yet. Although LG has sent out invites to the press for their Mobile World Congress event. We’re expecting to see the LG G5 at MWC or shortly after, giving LG’s recent history with the G line. And today, a render coming out of CNET Korea shows us that the LG G5 might have a removable bottom. Yes. It’ll feature a modular design, where the entire bottom can be taken off and have the battery slide out. It’s said to be more like a drawer that slides out, revealing the battery which can be replaced.

LG is said to be going with an aluminum unibody design this time around, which means it’s going to be much more difficult to incorporate a removable battery. Which is a feature that Samsung was known for, and removed last year with the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+ and Note 5. It’s also being reported that LG has worked on several different prototypes since September of last year. That’s quite normal, as for every flagship that is announced, there are many, many prototypes made before the final design is done. Only recently, has LG decided on the final design, and this could quite possibly be it.


The render above, is by CNET Korea, who has spoken with someone “familiar with the situation” and given them details on what the LG G5 looks like. So while this might be off by a bit, it likely won’t be too far off. Specs are still rumored at a 5.3-inch 2560×1440 resolution IPS display, along with a Snapdragon 820 processor powering the device. There’s also talk of a 16-megapixel camera around back, and the battery getting even smaller.

Innovation is really what is driving the mobile industry these days. As you have almost everyone sticking with the same specs, and relatively the same design. But if LG does come out with a modular design for the LG G5, it will be very interesting to see how well it’ll work in the real world. LG has had the most underrated smartphone in the past few years, and the South Korean company is looking to change that in 2016.