LG Fix Massive G3 Vulnerability With Smart Notice Update


The LG G3 was one of the first big hits for LG in terms of global sales, always a big player at home in South Korea, the G3 became a success in North America and across Europe. They've since built on the G3 with the G4 and V10 from last year, but as we all know a flagship device can be used by users for a lot longer than just a year, and many users will be locked into two-year contracts as well, so a device like the G3 is still very much in use. Which is why the recent news concerning a serious vulnerability on the G3 caught the attention of users and experts across the web. Thankfully, LG has listened to the findings and have now released a fix in the form of an app update.

The vulnerability affected the SD card on the G3, because the Smart Notice application wouldn't validate the data that it was moving about, which could allow attackers to use the Smart Notice app to get unfettered access to the microSD card. This would include the removal of data, such as chat logs or pictures, as well as installing apps from the SD card itself. The vulnerability was found by Cynet, whom informed LG and they are sending out fixes to G3 users in the form of an update to the Smart Notice application. While perhaps not quite as bad as people would first seem to believe, this is disappointing to see, but at least LG have moved quickly to fix things.


This comes hot off the heels of another announced G4 issue, this time related to hardware, and it comes just a few weeks before the LG G5 is to be announced during Mobile World Congress. Needless to say, it's not been the best week for LG, but it has shown the company is quick to respond, admitting their faults and fixing them. Of course, the ideal situation would be for these things to not happen in the first place, but nobody's perfect.

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