Letv Becomes LeEco, New Brand And Logo Unveiled

LeEco logo 1

Letv hasn’t been a part of the smartphone world for that long, they’ve announced their first smartphones in April last year. Despite the fact this company is relatively new to the smartphone world, and the fact that the availability of their devices is quite limited at the moment, they’ve managed to sell 4 million devices in 8 months they were available last year. The company’s Letv Le 1, Le 1 Pro, Le Max and Le 1S handsets have been selling quite well. That being said, Letv will expand to the U.S. really soon, they’re already selling accessories and their smartphones will follow soon.

That being said, Letv has announced world’s first Snapdragon 820-powered device during CES in Las Vegas earlier this month, the Le Max Pro, and now they have some additional news to share with us. Letv has held a press conference in China and has basically announced that they’re re-branding, they’ve introduced LeEco logo, and the theme of the conference was ‘A New Eco World’. This is what LeEco had to say: ”The new logo consists of the letters “L” and “E”, conveying the quintessence of the Le Eco world with its simple and elegant design. The four strokes which comprise “LE” each represents one of the four tiers of the Le Ecosystem – Platform, Content, Device and Application. The dot formed by the overlapping of two strokes symbolizes the pivot of the entire ecosystem: EUI and Le Fans. The connection and interaction between the letters “L” and “E” expresses the LeEco spirit of constant disruption, breaking boundaries and eco synergy. The three colors of blue, red and green plus the all-inclusive color of grey represent the integration of technology, culture and the Internet within the Le Ecosystem.”


The company has also said that LeEco is ‘looking beyond the Chinese domestic market to compete with global Fortune 500 giants such as Apple, Amazon and Netflix”. Sounds interesting? Well, it sure is, Letv has a big appetite for success, they already proved that. Le Holdings’ Vice President of strategy added the following: ”The word “TV” has been eliminated from all sub-ecosystem logos, showing that LeEco has fully grown from a video website in 2004 into a full-featured “eco world” integrating Platform, Content, Device and Application. After the full implementation of LeEco’s seven sub-ecosystems in 2015, LeEco’s strategic focus in 2016 will be on globalization, global open ecosystem, and achieving perfect synergy among the sub-ecosystems”. So, it seems like the company is all about global expansion, but they won’t be named Letv after all? We’ll make sure to reach out to the company and see if we can get more details, but judging by the info released by the company, Letv is gone. It is also worth mentioning that Mr. Ablimit pointed out that the company is aiming to grow in U.S. and India in 2016., but they also plan to expand to Southeast Asia markets, including Hong Kong.

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