Ketchapp Launches New Infinite Running Game 'The Pit'

If you're one of those game fanatics who loves to sit hours on end playing all types of games till your eyes roll to the back of your head then get ready for another classic run-till-you-drop mobile gaming app. Made by the creators of the popular apps such as Circle, Cube Jump, Don't Touch The Spikes, and ZigZag, 'The Pit' will have you easily sucked in.

With this endless running game, you're able to "run, jump, and slide you way through The Pit." Featuring easy to learn content and quick-adapting controls this game will leave you reaching for the nearest charging station or USB-cable to keep you plugged into the game even longer. Running along a path, your objective is to use your little green-boxed 3D character to slide and jump over and under obstacles. With essentially three different combinations such as holding your finger down which enables you to slide under pillars, while letting go of the screen as well as touching the screen once which will jump you over hurdles, and lastly double tapping the screen will have you jumping twice gracefully somersaulting over objects. Your goal being to simply collect gold while trying to safely maneuver through the obstacles without dying. The further along you get, the harder things will become almost seeming impossible at times. Other features will also include ways to unlock new characters as you move along in the game. The app is free to download while there are some in-app purchases.

Ketchapp, the company behind it all, created its first game in 2014 which was a clone of the open-source game called 2048 which quickly rose to the top of the iOS App Store. This game has often been compared to Flappy Bird, which is a side-scrolling game where you control a bird flying through Mario-based green pipes without coming in contact with them, because of its resemblance to other established popular games as well as its addictive traits. Often making games otherwise known as clones, Ketchapp quickly became known for its quick-leaning easy-to-use games. Co-founded by Antoine and Michel Morcos, the company is quickly seeing its apps rise in app stores across the globe. If you're interested in playing this highly addictive endless running game, you can find it through the Google Play Store.


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