Jolla Confirms 540 Tablets Will Ship, Refunds For The Rest


Bringing a new mobile device to the market is never easy. Whether it is a smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, or otherwise, getting it right, on target and on cost, can be a difficult undertaking for even the most experienced manufacturers. That said, numerous projects do now make it to the likes of Kickstarter and Indiegogo with a dream of bringing an affordable and usually feature-heavy device to consumers. The Jolla Tablet being a prime example.

However, getting the promised tablets into backers hands did hit a number of roadblocks along the way. The company saw a number of financial issues arise, which coupled with other factors created a number of delays. Although, at the start of this year, the company did announce they would be sending tablets to a number of backers, although, not all backers.


Today in a follow up announcement on the their blog, Jolla notes that they are sending out tablets to 540 backers. This figures adds to the 121 units they had previously shipped to select backers. The expected shipping dates for the latest 540 is said to be "starting in February". In terms of the rest of the baker's, unfortunately, they will have to make do with a refund. Although, that will also not be strictly straight-forward. Jolla does confirm that they "aim" to refund all unfilled orders in full. However, due to their financial situation, all backers will not receive their refund at the same time. Jolla notes that half of those backers who are not receiving the tablet, will receive their refunds in Q1 of 2016. In terms of the other half, Jolla simply advises refunds will be issued "within a year". That is as long as their financial situation permits. Either way and whether you fall into the 'now refund' or 'later refund' camp, Jolla does state that they will be emailing backers with further instructions on the refund process. As mentioned, those who will be part of the second wave of shipped tablets, should expect shipping to commence next month. In the meantime, those interesting in reading the latest blog in more detail, can do so by heading through the source link below.

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