Jide Offers A Guide To Install Remix OS 2.0 To The Ultratablet

remix ultra tablet
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Jide Technology always thought that the familiarity of how a desktop operating system works is the way to go for mobile operating systems, especially when focusing on making them more productive. That’s why they created Remix OS, an Android customization that features resizable windows and the ability to work with a bunch of them at the same time. Remix 2.0 improved some aspects of the operating system such as the ability to resize the windows more easily, an improved file manager and other enhancements that made it work great with a keyboard and a mouse. The company recently announced that Remix OS 2.0 could be installed in several devices including PCs and Macs. The first tablet to run this operating system was Jide’s own Ultratablet, and yet, it was still running an older version of it. Now, the company has made a guide to update the Ultratablet to the latest iteration of the Remix OS.

Even though the guide is explained step by step, Jide warns that the procedure will flash the tablet, so the company won’t be responsible for damages or data loss. Flashing the Remix OS ROM will actually clear all the data on the Ultratablet. It is also important to notice that this is a preview version of the OS, so users might find a few issues while using it, but the developer team will keep working on fixing them in future ROM versions. The version of the ROM is exclusively for the Remix Ultratablet with model number REMIX SK1WG.


The company recommends that before the flashing process begins, the tablet should have more than 50% of battery level, in fact, it is better to leave the tablet plugged into the power cord. The Remix Ultratablet must have at least 1 GB of internal storage available. Some preinstalled apps will get deleted, so be sure to know where you downloaded them from or make a backup just to be safe. The whole process might take up to 10 minutes and the system will restart automatically. Users might come across an I/O Error that says Wipe Cache Partition, but the guide includes instructions for it as well. Visit the link at the source to get the complete guide with the downloadable files.