JetBlue Introducing Android Inflight Entertainment Systems

January 25, 2016 - Written By John Anon

Flying, it not exactly the most relaxing or pleasurable experience at the best of times. However, the process has been made much easier in recent times thanks to the mass migration of airlines towards a more technology-based user experience while in-flight. This first began with overhead monitors, although this then evolved in to seat back PTV units which offered passengers a more personalized viewing experience. Even more recently, the use of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have seen their access being far more greatly accommodated for, with the allowing of the use of the devices inflight, as well as the inclusion of USB charge points on most seats, to ensure devices stay powered during longer flights.

Well, for passengers of one airline, JetBlue, the inflight experience is going to get a lot more interesting. Today, JetBlue announced via a press release the latest evolving and redesign of their cabins. And while there are is a few improvements which will generally make the flying experience a more pleasurable one, the interesting part from the Android perspective, is that JetBlue also announced a redesign of their infotainment units aboard their fleet of A320s.

The Airbus A320 is a smaller bodied aircraft and according to the press release, these newly designed A320s will come boasting an infotainment unit which comes running on Android. These units will be touchscreen units and ones which adopt a 10.1-inch display size, which essentially makes them an Android tablet on the seat back. However, these units will not be traditional Android tablets as users are unlikely to be able to sign-in, download apps or in any way make use of a more personal Android experience or even one which many would equate with Android. On the positive side though, by implementing a version of the Android operating system, developers will be able to design and develop apps specifically designed to make the flight more enjoyable. Which should certainly prove more beneficial than many of the awkward operating systems currently used by airlines inflight. Those interested in reading more about the rest of the in-cabin changes with JetBlue, can do so by heading through the source link below.