JD.COM Mega Deal: Crazy Prices On Huawei & Meizu Smartphones



One of the benefits of the internet is that it has connected the world in a way that had never been seen before. Online shopping is one of the clear winners with this more connected world, as consumers now have an even greater choice than they had before. So much so that there are no limits anymore to what or where you can buy from. When it comes to Chinese retailers, this is very much the case as consumers in the U.S. and Europe are now offered the ability to order directly from the retailers in China. And for those looking for a way to shop further afield, there are few better than JD.com.

For those unfamiliar with JD.com, this a retailer in China who are often referred to as the "Amazon of China". That statement alone should be enough to sum up the size and scale of JD.com. One of the added benefits of being such a large retailer (and especially one based in China) is that wherever you are based, you can shop with some of the very cheapest prices on electronic devices available. And even more so for homegrown Chinese company products.


Take Huawei and Meizu for instance. Most Android news followers will already be very familiar with both of these names as both Huawei and Meizu hit the smartphone headlines now on literally a daily basis. These are two of the companies who are leading the way in smartphone technology and doing so while offering some of the most competitive prices around. Right now, JD.com is in the middle of their latest sales and in particular, have cut the prices on a number of Huawei and Meizu devices.

Huawei JD Promo Final-1

In terms of the Huawei devices, there are quite a few currently on offer. First up we have the Huawei P8 Lite which is currently available for only $132.99. Next up is the sub branded Honor 7 which can currently be picked up for only $223.99. Likewise, the Honor 7i is also currently available from JD.com and will set you back $237.99. Sticking with the Huawei sub-brand Honor and you also pick up a selection of Honor 4 devices. If you are after the Honor 4A, this is available for $115.99. Likewise, the Honor 4X is currently available for $125.99. And closing out the Honor list is the Honor 4C which can be picked up for only $128.99.

Buy the Huawei P8 Lite $132.99 Buy the Honor 4A $115.99 Buy the Honor 4X $125.99 Buy the Honor 4C $128.99 Buy the Honor 7 $223.99 Buy the Honor 7i $237.99


Meizu JD Promo Final-1

Moving on and there are a bunch of Meizu smartphones also currently available at knockdown prices. If you like the look of the Meizu M2 Mini then this is currently on sale for only $112.99. The larger Meizu M2, The Meizu M2 Note 2 is also available for only $150.99. Moving on to the more recently announced Meizu Metal and this can currently be picked up for only $167.99. While the Meizu MX4 Pro is currently on sale for only $176.99 and the Meizu MX5 can be picked up for only $243.99

Buy the Meizu M2 Mini $112.99 Buy the Meizu M2 Note 2 $150.99 Buy the Meizu Metal $167.99 Buy the Meizu MX4 Pro $176.99 Buy the Meizu MX5 $243.99

Last up, Letv is a company who has been gaining a lot of attention recently and especially since they have now been confirmed to be the company releasing the first Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 equipped device, in the form of the Letv Le Max Pro. However, if you want to try out one of the latest Letv devices, the Letv 1s, the 16GB version is currently available for only $176.99, while the 32GB variant is available for $199.99

Buy the Letv 1s 16GB $176.99 Buy the Letv 1s 32GB $199.99


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