Jaybird Announces Freedom and X3 Wireless Sport Earbuds


Established in 2006 in Salt Lake City, Utah, Jaybird designs consumer electronics for those with an active lifestyle.  Jaybird concentrates their innovations in the Bluetooth headphone market and announced at CES 2016 two new high-end sport earbuds – the Freedom and the X3.  There are many wireless earbuds on the market today, but the Freedom and X3 are the first wireless sport earbuds to include a customizable sound profile that moves with the user from device to device.  Whether your idea of exercise is from vending machine to vending machine or a five mile jog around the city, you can customize your sound with Jaybird’s new earbuds.

The Jaybird Freedom are the most advanced Bluetooth earbuds ever designed by the company with their micro-size and patented tapered step-down design.  This patented design assures a comfortable and secure fit in even the smallest of ears.  They use a sweat-proof premium metal design with ‘Comply’ memory foam tips and comfort ear fins to ensure a secure fit and its passive noise isolation will help drown out ambient noise.  Coupled with a new, patent-pending Jaybird MySound App, users can customize their equalizer settings which are then synced to the Freedom earbuds.  By creating this unique sound profile on the earbuds, you can pair them up to any device and they will ‘remember’ your preferences, a first for wireless sports earbuds.

Rene Oehlerking, Jaybird’s CMO says, “Freedom combines fashion and sport into the smallest and most elegant wireless earbuds we’ve ever designed.  The product is both gorgeous and versatile and is designed to be the only buds you’ll ever need for fashion, fitness and work. Freedom takes a huge step forward in wireless earbuds innovation by giving users the features of premium over-the-ear headphones in a micro-sized, in-ear package.”  Freedom comes in five colored metal designs – Carbon (black on black metal), Blaze (red on silver metal), Ocean (blue on silver metal), Gold (white on gold metal), and Blush (white on rose gold metal) – and will cost $199.95 and be available the second quarter.  Freedom will provide eight hours of play time with four hours in the buds and an additional four hours in the included charging clip.  With Bluetooth 4.0 they will pair with up to eight devices and with the inline metal remote give users control over volume and phone calls with its built-in microphone.


The Jaybird X3 is the successor to their widely popular X2 earbuds.  The Jaybird X3 also share the MySound App to give the user complete control over their unique sound profile that can be used with any device that you pair up with the X3s.  The X3 uses Jaybird’s proprietary SignalPlus antenna architecture for a stronger signal in outdoor environments and a seven-hour battery allows you to make it through several workouts on a single charge.  The Jaybird X3 will retail for $149.95 and be available in the third quarter in five colors – Blackout (black), Alpha (military green), Road Rash (red), Dune (tan), and Surf (blue).