Intel and Oakley Come Together for Smart Sports Specs

Intel Smart Glasses

CES 2016 has Las Vegas in the grips of all sorts of crazy technology announcements right now, and while the majority of it might be behind us, with LG, Samsung and Sony having held their events already, there’s a lot more to come. CES can be a hotbed of all sorts of different technology, and Intel has made something of a mother offbeat announcement. Earlier this week, we heard that the chipmaker had purchased their own drone company out of Germany. During their CES 2016 Keynote however, the company showed off some smart specs on stage, one with a very specific purpose.

Google Glass might be dead, it might be taking a very long nap or it might be ready to rise again at any moment, but the idea of smart glasses seems to have stuck with the industry. Intel has partnered with Luxottica, the Italian glasses firm who owns Oakley, Ray-Ban and produces glasses for the likes of D&G and others, to produce something pretty neat. Shown off on stage was a pair of Oakley sports glasses, complete with earpiece, designed s a fitness coach of sorts. Dubbed the Radar Pace, the smart glasses will use cameras, sensors and more to figure out how fast someone is running – or hopefully cycling – and issue feedback on what to change or whether or not you’re improving. The smart specs are controlled entirely by voice, and we suppose the best way of describing it would be calling it a Google Now for athletes. The runner on stage asked the pair for some feedback and was given an outline of his workout including distance, pace and even incline.


Smart glasses might not take off the way that Google had hoped they would, but it seems as though Intel has found a good use for them. Asking people to wear Google Glass 24/7 was perhaps too big a gamble, but a pair tailored to a specific purpose every now and then? That seems like a much more viable product, especially for the consumer market. Over time, we’re likely to see more of this sort of thing from both Intel and other names, but these pair of Oakley specs will be available later this year for as-yet undisclosed price.