Inbox Updates Attachment UI on the Web

January 14, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Inbox by Gmail was announced back in 2014 – hard to believe we’ve had it for over a year already – and Google has continued to make it better and better. The recent addition to Inbox is the new attachment UI, the point here from the Inbox team is to make it easier for you to share your pictures, and other documents in emails. At least on the web. This hasn’t made its way into the app yet. Inbox is all about making email easier. That includes easier to send items through email. This update is already available on the web. If you don’t have it yet, simply refresh the page and it should be there.

Now when you hit the attach icon, or the paper clip, in an email, a new panel will slide out from the right hand side which will show you recently received documents, recently sent and your photos (which appear to be taken in from Google Photos). This includes pictures, PDF’s, zips and other documents as well. So it’s not just limited to photos. It’s much easier than having to search your computer for a file that you were sent, and need to send to someone else. As it will be right there. Of course, you do still have the option to browse your computer for the files you wish to attach to your email. Which is a big blue button located at the bottom of the panel. Pretty hard to miss. For the three sections in that panel, you can also choose to see more, and browse even more. However it appears, that it will only show about 48 of the most recent items in each section. So if you took a picture in Google Photos months and months ago, you may need to go to the site and grab the link or download it then attach it to your email.

The user interface in this new panel fits right in with Inbox and it is pretty seamless to attach documents and pictures to your emails. Pictures still appear inline, as they always have with Inbox. The update is out now, and if you’re not already using Inbox by Gmail, we highly suggest you start doing so now. It’s a great alternative to Gmail, and just keeps getting better and better.