Huawei's Jewel and Elegant Models Up for Pre-Order from $415


Last year Huawei caught the majority of us off-guard when they released the Huawei Watch. Not only was it packing all the same Android Wear features as other high-end smartwatches, as well as a fully-circular display, it looked gorgeous. Announced last year during Mobile World Congress, and going on sale in the Fall, the Huawei watch was available in a number of different colors and styles, with different leather and metal options on offer. While offering a decent variety, these designs and configurations were all pretty masculine in their look and feel. During CES 2016 earlier this month, Huawei partnered with Swarovski to do something about it, and now the two new models have gone up for pre-order, but they're not going to be cheap.

The two new models were the Huawei Watch Jewel and the Elegant. The former had around 50 different Swarovski crystals embedded into the Rose Gold face of the watch and is available with a blue Italian leather strap. The Elegant meanwhile was also available in Rose Gold, but featured a more conservative knurled design around the face of the watch, this version ships with a white Italian leather strap. We got to go hands-on with these new models during CES 2016, and we gave the Watch a thorough review last Fall. Now, Mobile-Fun has both new models listed for pre-order, with the Elegant priced at $414.99 and the Swarovski-clad Jewel coming in at a whopping $497.99.


Neither of these prices are affordable, or even that good really, and Mobile-Fun is not the cheapest place online for these sort of things. However, this is the first glimpse at pricing for these new models we've seen and while Mobile-Fun might be 100% dead on the money with these prices, we can't imagine them being too far off. Last year, the Huawei Watch was available through Amazon and available at numerous other well-known retailers. So, if you were eyeing one of these new designs for yourself, or perhaps thinking of a Valentine's Day gift for someone, it's clear you're going to need some serious cash to lay out on these new models.

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