Huawei & Xiaomi To Release Sub-13" Hybrids This Year

Huawei and Xiaomi logo

Huawei and Xiaomi are the two largest smartphone manufacturers in China. These two companies have sold quite a bit of handsets this year, and Huawei has even managed to become world’s third largest smartphone OEM. Anyhow, these two companies have released quite a bit of smartphones in 2015, but they’re more than just smartphone OEMs. Both of these companies have introduced additional devices next to smartphones (smartwatches, tablets…), and Xiaomi has introduced a number of different interesting smart gadgets.

That being said, rumors have been surfacing for quite some time that these two companies are working on their very own laptops. Inventec has already confirmed that they’re going to manufacture Xiaomi’s laptops, and those devices are going to be releasing in the coming months. As far as Huawei goes, the latest report that surfaced said that the company is developing a dual boot hybrid laptop which will be released this year. Well, a new report has surfaced in China today, let’s see what it says.


According to this info, both Huawei and Xiaomi will release sub-13” 2-in-1 devices. Huawei is said to release a 12.9-inch notebook powered by Windows 10 operating system. Xiaomi, on the other hand, plans on releasing a sub-13” notebook which will ship with two operating system, dual boot configuration (Windows 10 + Android-powered MIUI OS). Analysts say that it won’t be easy for these two companies to face tough competition out in the market, there are a number of well-known PC vendors which are currently controlling the market at the moment, vendors which are well established and know the market well.

Both Huawei and Xiaomi are capable of releasing truly great devices, and it will surely going to be interesting to see if their notebooks will be as successful as the two companies are hoping they will. We still don’t know when exactly will these devices going to be released, but it seems like Xiaomi’s offering will reach the market first. Nothing is confirmed just yet, so stay tuned for further info, we’ll let you know if anything new pops up in the coming weeks, and it almost certainly will.