HTC’s Jason Mackenzie Gets a New Title

January 22, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

On Friday, HTC is announcing that their HTC America President Jason Mackenzie will be promoted to the Global Executive Vice President. Thus leaving open the HTC America President post, which will be filled by Andr© L¶nne. This is going to be a pretty big step for Mackenzie, as he has been with HTC for quite some time now, and primarily focused on the America markets. Mackenzie was a founding member of HTC America and helped bring the first 4G smartphone to each of the four national carriers in the US.

In Mackenzie’s new role at HTC, he will be reporting directly to Cher Wang who is the Chairman and CEO of the company. His primary responsibility will be to form new partnerships on behalf of HTC as well as strengthen relationships with current partners. This comes as HTC is continuing to expand their business past the mobile industry. With things like Virtual Reality and the Internet of Things becoming a pretty big focus for the company. Cher Wang said “one of HTC’s strongest senior executives and it was important for us to promote our senior talent and take advantage of his leadership as HTC moves forward” about Mackenzie.

Andr© L¶nne will become the new president of HTC America. As part of this new role, L¶nne will be in charge of the company’s operations across the Americas. This includes Canada, Latin America and the United States. During his time with HTC L¶nne has been the country manager of Germany, vice president of sales for HTC EMEA, and currently the VP of sales for HTC America. Chialin Chang, who is the Global President of Sales at HTC stated “Andr© has had a significant impact on HTC’s businesses across Europe and most recently in North America.” Chang continued by saying that he “will lead our HTC Americas team to continue our strategic growth in the region.”

Some shake ups at HTC, but nothing too big. Many of us won’t see much in terms of changes in the company. But this should help HTC with their other businesses outside of just the mobile industry – tablets and smartphones.