Houzz Interior Decorating App Gets Sketch Feature


Some readers may be aware of an interior design app called Houzz. The app is designed to enable users to check on ideas, shop around and put together a plan for interior decorating quickly and easily. It has stood out for a while as a full-featured and user-friendly option for amateur interior designers, homeowners and those buying or renting a new and empty home. The interface is lean, clean and categorized. The app features high-res pictures of over eight million home interiors and exteriors, sorted by style, location and room. Users can connect with over one million participating home improvement pros for a second opinion, more ideas or to hand over a plan made in the app and have it become their real dream home.

Today, the app got an update that added a new feature called Sketch. The feature adds the capability to draw and take notes on pictures, as well as insert items from the Houzz commerce catalog and adjust them to see how they'd look in their own home or a room they're creating. If a user happens to fall in love with an item from the catalog, they can even buy it from within the app. Users can also choose from two dozen templates to sketch on and create floor plans and mood boards on the fly. Any image tweaked in Sketch can also be collaborated on by multiple users through their Houzz ideabook. Over 150 stickers are also available to use as placeholders or just to add some fun and expression to Sketch images.


The new features make an app we've already named in one of our top ten lists, even more compelling. Between clean design, a ton of features and now Sketch capability that gives users the ability to go from idea to reality in one app, anybody looking to engage in any kind of decoration, renovation or rearranging will definitely want to give this app a chance. Homeowners, renters and professionals alike should be able to glean a lot of inspiration from the app. The app is free, so if you're planning to mess around with your home or somebody else's, or it simply piques your interest, hit up the source link and give it a go.


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