HERE Maps Gets Nearby Button & Third-Party Content Integration

Nokia HERE Maps AH 1

Whether you need to find a location on the map or get navigated guidance to somewhere that you’re trying to go, there’s more than a few options that Android has to offer. HERE Maps is one of those options with plenty of useful features like fully downloadable maps of entire cities, and while that can be very handy to have if you’re in an area that has no data connection for GPS navigation, it isn’t the only thing HERE has going for it. In the latest update to the HERE beta app on Android, finding what you’re looking for is being made simpler and less cumbersome thanks to the addition of third-party searches and content integration.

As part of the update, HERE maps is getting a dedicated Nearby function which tells you what’s around you. So if you’re out and about and currently looking for a place to eat and have a few drinks, catch a movie or do some shopping, all you have to do is tap the nearby button to pull up a list of possible options. The idea with the nearby button as well as the overall new changes is all about making things faster to get to. Less time spent searching for what to do or where to go, or how to get to a location means more time actually doing what you set out to.


When it comes to third-party content integration, HERE has added a new feature called Get Your Guide, which is the first addition of what HERE hopes will be more third-partry content to be brought into the app. Get Your Guide essentially acts as a tour guide and can offer up curated content to users with insightful and interesting information about places to see and things to do either in your own city or any other, and once integrated with HERE users can see the guided information right from inside the app. This keeps things simple and easy to use, but HERE has also added the ability to tap a link and jump to the mobile Get Your Guide webpage for anything that’s needed beyond the information shown in the HERE application. Get Your Guide and the nearby button should currently be live and accessible so long as users have signed up for the HERE beta and have the app installed on their device.