HARMAN Unveil Android Auto Compatible JBL Legend CP100 Receiver

JBL Legend CP100

There have been quite a few Android Auto announcements already this year at CES in Las Vegas. With Ford and Chrysler jumping on the bandwagon finally. Now, HARMAN have announced their own receiver for the car that will support both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. HARMAN used their JBL brand for this one, which means we should get some great audio from this receiver. HARMAN is touting that the JBL Legend CP100 is built on the same platform as the receivers that HARMAN offers to its OEM customers.

What we have here is a 6.75-inch capacitive touch screen. The JBL Legend CP100 also has an AM/FM Tuner with station identification and song name, similar to other HD Radio’s out there. There is a rear USB input, a rear camera input, steering wheel interface ready, it also supports Bluetooth 3.0 HFP, AVRCP, A2DP, SPP, SSP, and has 2 Pre-Amp outputs. It also features a “push to talk” button for Siri or Google Now. Something we haven’t seen with other Android Auto head units.


Now with the JBL Legend CP100 being Bluetooth, it means that you can still stream your music over Bluetooth without using Android Auto. Whether that be Spotify, Pandora, Google Play Music or another music streaming app. The JBL Legend CP100 is currently the cheapest option for adding Android Auto into the car, coming in at $399.95, While the other head units from Pioneer and JVC-Kenwood all start at  $500 or higher. No word yet, on when exactly the JBL Legend CP100 will be available for purchase though.

HARMAN claims that this receiver has the fastest interface on the market. Definitely a good thing when you’re driving. We’ll have to check that out when we get to demo it later this week at CES in Las Vegas. There is a rear camera input available here, but there is not one installed as part of the package. Rear cameras are great for backing up, especially when you’re parking, as you’re able to see what’s coming or not coming. The CP100 also uses the iMX6 processor, so that everything is nice and speedy when using the receiver in the car.