Hands-On With The Carl Zeiss Smart Glasses

January 6, 2016 - Written By Justin Diaz

It’s been a while since Google Glass has been the only pair of smart glasses in town, but there have yet to be really any pairs which look almost entirely like a regular pair of glasses. Carl Zeiss Optics is at CES 2016 this week to showcase a number of things and among them are their very own pair of smart glasses.

Carl Zeiss Optics currently doesn’t have a working pair of the Smart Glasses available as these were just polycarbonate prototypes of what the lenses and a set of frames housing them will look like, but the idea is to take the working technology and place them into these specific lenses. Although there are no details on what these can do just yet seeing as how they don’t have any hardware partners putting tech into them, it isn’t hard to imagine the possibilities with other smart glasses having already reached various consumers. There are unfortunately no details on when these might be ready for a release, but Carl Zeiss seems to have done a good job at making a piece of face worn tech that looks no different from regular eyewear. Carl Zeiss also states that the lenses can be fitted into a variety of different frames to suit the tastes of the person wearing them. Check out the gallery of images below for a closer look.