Hands On With Samsung's Platinum and Rose Gold Gear S2


If you're even the slight bit interested in tech then this week you'll be reading all about the announcements from CES 2016. While not strictly a mobile-focused show, big names like Samsung and LG did have a little something to show off for us. In the case of Samsung and Huawei, the pair had fancy new versions of their 2015 smartwatches on offer. Both of these companies tried to offer up some more feminine-looking designs, and we'd say that both Samsung and Huawei managed it. For Samsung, they introduced two new variants of their Gear S2 Classic.

Unsurprisingly, Rose Gold was the order of the day for the Ivory Leather strap model of the Gear S2 Classic, while Platinum version gets a Black Leather strap. Both of these versions definitely look nice and premium, and while there's no telling just how much these will cost yet, it's nice to have more options like these available. We've been roaming the convention halls and hotels at Las Vegas all week, and we swung by Samsung's booth to get a look at the two new watches from Samsung. They look and feel similar to the Gear S2 Classic that we reviewed last year, but if the original didn't feel like a timepiece first, gadget second then these new ones definitely do. We even compared the second-gen Moto 360 in rose gold to Samsung's latest offering. Shiny and well-built, the new Platinum and Rose Gold versions really look the part. To take a closer look, have at the gallery below, and to learn more about the Gear S2, take a look at our review here.

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