Hands On: Vuze 360-Degree Camera

January 8, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

As virtual reality has begun to become pretty popular in recent months, so has cameras that can shoot 360-degree video. Because what good is a VR viewer like Cardboard, if you have nothing to watch? We’ve seen GoPro put together a mount that can do 360-degree video, as well as a few other cameras that can do 360-degree video, and now Vuze is at CES 2016 showing off their own virtual reality camera, which can shoot amazing looking video and it’ll cost under $1000.

The Vuze 360-degree camera won’t be shipping until this August. However it will be shipping with its own virtual reality viewer (which you can see in the hands on pictures below), it’ll also be shipping with a selfie stick and a tripod, so you can go ahead and shoot all of that VR footage you wish so shoot. It’s going to be great for film makers that want to make some virtual reality videos for everyone to watch, but can’t afford expensive gear. HumanEyes, which is the company behind the Vuze 360-degree camera here, haven’t put a confirmed price tag on this camera just yet. But have mentioned that it will be available for less than a grand. Which for a virtual reality camera, that’s still quite good.