Google’s ‘X’ Moonshot Factory Gets A Website

January 29, 2016 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Google is one of the biggest (tech) companies in the world, and the company behind the Android platform, the most wide-spread mobile operating system in the world. That being said, you probably remember that Google basically founded a new company called Alphabet last year, a company which is technically Google’s parent company now. Well, Google did that for a number of reasons, many of which we’ve talked about at length already. Many companies actually fall under Alphabet now, like the ‘Google X’ project which is also a separate entity within this company. Now, keep in mind that ‘Google X’ is no longer called that, the company has changed the name to simply ‘X’ quite recently, click here if you’d like to know more.

That being said, Google’s ‘X’, as you probably already know, is in charge of the company’s futuristic projects basically. This team is responsible for ‘Project Loon’, an optimistic project which should provide internet to pretty much every part of our planet. The ‘X’ is also working on Google’s driverless cars, which we’ve talked about plenty of times before, etc. There are quite a few projects being developed by this team, and this sub-company (if we may call it that) now finally has a website. If you hit the source link down below, you’ll be redirected to ‘’ website, which is ‘X’s official website. On that site, you’ll find plenty of Google X content / projects, including the ones we’ve mentioned earlier in this paragraph. There’s also a tour of the ‘X campus’ available on the site, as well as ton of additional coverage you may want to read / watch.

Google’s ‘X’ team is in charge of various futuristic project that we’re aware of, but they’re also probably working on a ton of stuff behind the scenes. This team has been in place for quite some time now, and it will surely going to be interesting to see what comes next for them. We’re expecting to see great improvements in Project Loon, Project Ara, and Google’s driverless cars project. We’ll report back as soon as Google, or should I say ‘X’, shares more information on either one of their projects, stay tuned.